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How was your UPSC CSE 2022 prelims?
This was my first attempt, the one meant to be the trial attempt. I started my UPSC preparation from February 2022. So I had prepared for 4 months for this year’s examination.I am getting around 80 according to various sources clearly not enough to clear the cut off.I was skipping this question till now but the despair and anger about how tough this year’s exam made me write this. I think this year the exam was made the way it should have been.I have already answered the sources of some of the difficult questions just to show that UPSC didn’t just randomly google things and made the questions in another question.Shahin Shah's answer to Can someone give the question sources of UPSC prelim 2018?Any way lets look at them one by one:The first oneThis is still doing the rounds as one of the surprises of the year.What UPSC wants to say is clear. It is important to know about the lives of our freedom struggle leaders while we learn the struggles too.The source for this question is the “Heroes of Freedom Struggle” series by PIB which can be accessed here: Lala Lajpat Rai (1865-1928)“a series of popular biographies on Mazzini, Garibaldi and Swami Dayanand” seems to suggest that the question was taken directly from the source and modified to add more details.I could find other leaders and their short biography in that series.Now how to find such gold mines in PIB Website is a valid question. Bit of googling and the answer was there.PIB Blog : Press Information BureauThis is your one stop solution to tackle these kind of questions. Explore it yourself to enrich your answers in GS Papers from the top officials in government themselvesPIB Instagram is also useful.If next year if a question on 5G comes, lets not assume UPSC wants to select some telecom engineersPress Information Bureau India on Instagram: “Got that???”Another question was this.The source of the question is 1400 report published by the Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation. You can find it here http://mospi.nic.in/sites/defaul...So does UPSC want you to go through 1400 plus pages for a question?The answer is no.I did the next logical thing which is reading the highlights mentioned in the first pages of the report. Although there were some useful points, the question asked could not be answered from the highlights alone.So how to get this done?PIB!!Key Indicators of Situation of Agricultural Households in IndiaThe above release has the exact same wordings and it is safe to assume this as the correct source for the question. The fact that this press release was from 2022 seems unfair to a fresher like me but the issue of farmers is current affairs for any year exam.So the next thing to do is to find the way to get more of these releases.There are many such reports but I cant go through all of them.Googling “Estimates of livestock and Agricultural Implements Classified by Household Operational Holding pib”(8th in the results from ministry website) lead me to another similar press release.Key Indicators of Land and Livestock Holdings in India ReleasedAnd the title helped me to find what I looked forBoth the releases had the wordings “Key indicators of”So I needed to find posts starting with the keyword and from PIB SiteI send my request and Google Baba just gave me what I wanted.No more worrying 1000 pages reports and skimming through PIB Releases. Only this is what I needed :)So the message is clear : UPSC wants you to make PIB your first source and then the newspapers and if you want to go for older news - you need to narrow down the releases using some smart work. The time of hard work is gone and lets get down to the next era of smart work.Another one is this:People are complaining this is a question from post-independence and the syllabus mentioned is a joke and what not.I admit this is not mentioned in Prelims syllabus but mostly people don’t prepare for Mains and Prelims separately. Lets even leave that argumentLook at option 2 and 3:Straight out of Laxmikanth, forget about option 1 , option 3 elimination is all it needed to get this correctYour UPSC preparation is always Prelims-Mains-Interview combinedAnd there are certain books to be read which might not be useful in prelims but will come handy in other stages. One such series is “Wonder that was called India” - Part I and II - bothWhy both?Because of thisTavernier’s work on diamond is explicitly mentioned in the Chapter “INTRODUCTION, WITH A REVIEW OF SOURCES” (page xxxiv)in the beginning - ( A chapter most would skip, but one of the more rewarding ones). I would have skipped these sources page usually but then I came across NCERT. What I felt while reading NCERT History text books is they are more concerned about introducing various sources than sharing the actual events - NCERT treats history the way it should be and is a guide for further exploring history.Snapshot from the book[THE WONDER THAT WAS INDIA PART II]. I am yet to find a more direct source for this question. If any one can share, I would be grateful :)Another interesting observation about this year was the General Awareness questionsTwo state solution is not proposed in recent times. It has a long history perhaps even older that of the UPSC Exam, the fact that most were able to answer this should not discount what UPSC wants to say : General Awareness of things around us which cannot be made from CA Capsules and only by a genuine interest in things around us. For me this was a “UPSC Aptitude question” rather than International Affairs and I hope for more of such questions.Question on General Theory of Relativity is related to the gravitational waves and probably not covered in current affairs capsulesThis question needs smart work.Etymology : Hind Mazdoor Sabha - Mazdoor and Hind are not common words in a south Indian vocabularyThere goes the Malayali option (a) and Tamil option (c) - even if you can’t recollect the states its enough to deduce from the names that these names are South Indian and the name of organization is not.Deen Dayal Upadhayay and MN Roy coming together is like saying BJP and Communists forming an organisation together where as it is known that both have their own trade unions. So there goes Option(b)So the logical guess to be taken is Option (d)The static portions and others I am not discussing.The major take away I felt from this year’s paper is that UPSC wants the aspirants to be more active in their preparation. They are looking for the ones who are smart, knows how to pick the low hanging fruits, does not panic when surprises hit them and have their aptitude for UPSC
What can one get in Thapar Institute of Technology if he has 90% marks in 12th and 69 marks in JEE Main?
Since selection to btech in thapar university is based upon your jee mains score & 12th marks is just a parameter to be elegible for admission.Owing to the low cutoff in 2022 mains,you can expect underrated branches like eic, chemical or civil.Fill the online form by 20th may as 1st online round of counseling is scheduled on 28th may.All the best.
Can I get Thapar at 80k rank?
Yes you can get seat at Thapar but Not in CSE, ECE ,Mechanical. you can get EIC , Chemical , CIvil, Mechatronics with this scoreWait for online seat allortment round that is to be scheduled on 28 May 2018Best of Luck
What day does the IRS deposit refunds?
The IRS doesn't issue a schedule anymore, so this schedule isn't as official as it once was. The processing time table is variable, but disregarding any holds (beginning CTC & EIC tax fraud holds & audits, for example), they follow this rough schedule…For E-Filed returns only:Returns accepted between Monday - Sunday (before 11:00 am) are refunded in the same batch. Deposits are made on Mondays, minimum 8 days after return is accepted. 8 days after the week/batch ends.Keep in mind- returns are usually accepted the day they are filed, but not always. Refund dates go by the accepted date. Also, your banking institution can delay the refund by up to a few days, depending on their pending process. The schedule given is only for when the IRS sends the refund.Returns filed/accepted this week, Monday the 8th to 11 am, Sunday the 14th, will have direct deposit refunds sent on Monday the 22nd.Refund checks usually take 4 days longer to be mailed, on Fridays. In the above example, it'd be Friday the 26th.I have seen many 2022 refunds follow the exact schedule above.ETA: Keep in mind, Accepted is not the same as Approved. It is the acknowledgement of the return being received.
Can I take IPCC coaching in class 11 if I want to be a CA?
Kindly note that if you want to pursue Chartered Accountancy professional course after 12th Standard, then you should first register for, appear and clear CA Foundation Course. Only after that, you are eligible to register for CA Intermediate (new avatar in new syllabus for CA IPCC of the old syllabus).Unlike preparations for IIT, NEET etc which some times start at 8th or 9th or 10th Standard itself, the preparation for CA Foundation course invariably happens after 12th Standard Examinations.With greater awareness on CA professional course the one side at the student and parent level, and frontline Institutes like Bilvani Institute of Professional Studies (BIPS), Kodambakkam, Chennai coming out with comprehensive integrated courses covering school and CA Foundation course syllabus for both science and commerce students. There are three types of enrolment for Integrated courses offered by BIPS30 month Extensive Integrated course (EIC) covering 11th Standard, 12th Standard and CA Foundation course syllabus. This is ideal for candidates who will be pursuing 11th Standard in the current academic year 2019–20.18 month Midterm Integrated course (MIC) covering 12th Standard and CA Foundation course syllabus. This is ideal for candidates who will be pursuing 12th Standard in the current academic year 2019–20.6 month Intensive Integrated course (IIC) covering CA Foundation course syllabus. This is ideal for candidates who has just appeared 12th Standard examination in academic year 2018–19.For further details write to bilvaniacademy@gmail.com. There are hardly any other popular Institute in India which offers such Integrated courses covering school and CA Foundation course syllabus in India.If you have appeared for 12th Standard examination in Academic Year 2018–19, then you can register for CA Foundation course any time now, through 30th June 2022. for CA Foundation Examination scheduled in November 2019.If you clear CA Foundation examination scheduled in November 2022. then you can register for CA Intermediate course, and appear for the same in November 2020.If you clear either or both the groups of CA Intermediate examination in November 2022 examination, then you are eligible to register for article ship under a practicing Chartered Accountant, after successfully complete one month course on ICITSS.You will be able to appear for CA Final examination in November 2022. if by then you have cleared both the groups of CA Intermediate examination.On clearing both the groups of CA Final examination and on completion of 3 years of article ship, you are eligible to apply for associate membership of ICAI.On becoming the associate member of ICAI, you are a Chartered Accountant.
Has a draft of the IRS 1040 form with all the new tax bill changes been made? I believe a few fields will be missing for deductions no longer allowed.
Hey There!2022 Tax Return: IRS 1040 (Form 1040 Draft Released: Major Changes By IRS)Major Changes in Form 1040 for 2019After the 1040’s major overhaul last year to take into account tax reform, some taxpayers told the IRS that they found the redesigned forms confusing. In response, the agency is attempting to improve 1040 with a variety of tweaks. An overview of expected changes was presented at the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum in National Harbor, Md., in early July.One big change is the reduction of the schedules. Six new schedules that appeared in 2022 will be reduced to three for 2022. Some information will return to the base 1040 form, while some of the schedules will be combined.There will be a new line for capital gains in 1040, and IRA distributions will get their line separate from pensions and annuities. In addition to Schedule, 1 is a space to enter the “date of divorce,” which accommodates the change in the tax treatment of alimony enacted by tax reform.The option to contribute to the Presidential election campaign remains the same. The explanation which accompanies the checkbox has been restored.As noted earlier, the income reconciliation that blocks on the front page where you used to transfer your items of income from separate schedules has been moved back to the first page of the return. You’ll likely also notice that Schedule D (Capital Gains) is once again on the reconciliation schedule which was disappeared in 2018.Tax reform also created the qualified business income deduction, which gets its forms in 2022. Form 8995 will be for the simple version of the QBI deduction that is available to taxpayers below certain income thresholds, while Form 8995-A will be for taxpayers subject to the more complex QBI computation.And, to modernize, the decimal places for cents are being removed from each line. The IRS says most people around, and the extra room allows for other information to be made larger or clearer.The previous version of form 1040 consolidated the spaces for several tax credits into a line or two. That proved confusing for taxpayers because separate lines for certain credits, like the Earned Income Credit (EIC) and the additional child Tax Credit vs Tax Deduction have been returned to the form.The spaces for signatures have moved to page two. This was an issue with the revised form IRS 1040 in 2022 since many tax preparers didn’t love having a full page of figures without a signature fearing it could lead to fraud or other problems.Thanks For Your Time!;""
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