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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Schedule eic instructions 2021-2022

Instructions and Help about Schedule eic instructions 2021-2022

Hi this is Frank Ellis with file my taxes online org today I'm gonna be talking about their Earned Income Credit table amounts and qualifying for this credit so let's scroll down here at the on the site so I can prthis information to you guys so the credit table amounts if you have zero dependents the maximum credit is four hundred eighty seven dollars now there's the adjusted gross income limits on this this is the max you can make and qualify for the credit so if you are single it is fourteen thousand three hundred and forty with zero dependents jointly married filing jointly nineteen thousand six hundred and eighty with one dependent the max credit is three thousand two hundred and fifty the adjusted gross income max is thirty seven thousand eight hundred seventy filing jointly forty three thousand two hundred and ten two dependents the maximum credit five thousand three hundred and seventy two adjusted gross income limit forty three thousand thirty eight filing jointly forty eight thousand three hundred and seventy eight three plus dependents the max credit is 6044 and the adjusted gross income is forty six thousand two hundred twenty seven filing jointly that would be fifty one thousand five hundred and sixty seven one of the popular questions we've received as do I qualify even if I did not have tax withheld from my pay and I'm not required to file taxes yes you can qualify for this credit and get a refund it's a refundable credit however in order to receive it you have to file even if you are not required to file who qualifies for it in order to qualify for the credit you have to meet the income criteria for the current year what I which I laid out in this credit table for you guys so you can go back through that if you need to on our site let me find some of the other criterias requirements you have to meet here you also cannot file form to 555 or any variation in you're not allowed to have more than 3400 and interest dividends or other investment income okay that will exclude you so I hope this video helps you guys check out our site here file my taxes online org we go into this credit into depth and I hope it helps and we'll see you in the next video thank you.

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